CakePHP Web Development

Easily the leading part in the arsenal of PHP, Cake PHP is a very favorable environment for the development and integration of web applications and is preferred by a maximum number of times, website developers and owners. The reason for the popularity of CakePHP is its ability to help developers build websites quickly and with minimal configuration requirements. Additionally, Cake PHP comes with a set of MVC conventions that allows developers free rein during the development process. The framework also provides a number of options such as translations, database access, authentication, etc, all built directly into the MVC framework for developing Web applications easy, fast and reliable.

Cake PHP Framework is an open source technologies widely used in the world. With the development Cake PHP, it is easier to build customized and feature rich websites for businesses.

Why use CakePHP

Build Quickly
No Configuration
Batteries Included
Clean MVC Conventions
Built-in database authorization & authentication
Built-in validation features
Built-in Object Relational Mapping framework
CSRF protection
Flexible Caching
Flexible ACL

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